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I've been looking for a great pair of leopard pumps for the fall season.  I'm very picky about my animal prints.  There's a thousand different leopard print looks, but not all of them really exude that luxurious look.  The J.Crew Etta Pump, however, does, and it comes with the price tag to prove it.

J.Crew Etta Pump in Hazelnut Leopard : $350 (here)

See what I mean?  They're pretty.  Really pretty.  But also pretty expensive (but hey, they throw in free shipping?).  As usual, I've been debating on whether or not to make the leap jump and buy them.  Then, I found these:

Zara Leopard Court Shoe : $89.90 (here)

Whoa.  I think I even like the print of these leopard pumps more than the J.Crew Etta pumps.  And I know I like the price tag more (and Zara is always free shipping and no tax for us LA/MS/AL residents!).  I don't think you're lacking on quality either with this pair - both are made of calf hair!  

So, naturally, I caved and bought these when they became available last week.  If you aren't familiar with Zara shoe sizes, let me fill you in.  There's no such thing as a 7.  They have a 7 1/2, but no 7.  I am a true 7 and can wear their 7 1/2.  So sample size friends, don't freak.  Just try the 7 1/2.

I'll update when these get in.  Very rarely am I disappointed in Zara (I just got a pair of wax coat trousers I am going to share with you later that I couldn't be more in love with), so I'm expecting big things.  Hope this helps anyone else who has been lusting over leopard as of late :)

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